Huntsville, Alabama in June of 1981 became the focal point of an annual tradition that has lasted over three decades, The Rainey Family Reunion.  That meager start, with a handful of relatives, has grown into its 3rd generation of children, and childrens' children, and their children.  Our gatherings crisscross the United States and serve to forge lasting family ties, as well as to mend the fabric of unity that time and history severely unraveled or attempted to erase.  We have evolved from Kodak moments to the World Wide Web (www) and superhighway of the Internet, connecting close and remote family members alike.  Blood has bound us and Love fuels that bond.  
This family holds a unique beginning in the chronicled and narrative history of America.  Thus far, written records of The Rainey Family date back to Alabama in the early 1800's (circa 1820).  The endured hardships, challenges and abuses, tempered with the extraordinary pride, remarkable strength and unyielding faith of our ancestors, present a cumulative sum of which each of us is an inherited member.  Our culture, rich in oral family stories, will be passed along to future generations in the hope that they will remember and honor the sacrifices made on their behalf.  We are committed to continuing that legacy.  We embark on a quest of locating lost and missing family members and we hope that you will join us in this journey.  The adventure beings anew with each Rainey Family Reunion.  We are looking forward to our 38th Rainey Family Reunion in Washington, D.C. and hope to see you there.
Welcome home!

~Jacqueline L. Rainey, President
     Rainey Family Reunion